Is (trying to be) Good Looking Really That Annoying.

I don’t know, I like this profile.

I happened to go out this fine evening, well, I do not like to be outside. Seeing people and effortlessly giving a smile, even though, I never mean it much. I mean, come on, they’re strangers that I will only know for a sec and what is kind of circumstance will dot me and them, to getting know each other in decent way? Silly me let say so.

Why were you deciding to be outside?

I myself was buzzed to buy something I really need.

What were you wearing?

This might be more complicated than it sounds, but I did some work into this one. I was in a mood where I find myself, um, wasted my 30 minutes choosing what’s to wear. To buy something I need which it’s only 15 meter away from where I’m living. To make this more dramatic, I walk. By my feet. Literary walk.

Did you meet people?

What’s the point of this planet when there are no more people onto it?

What were you doing to them?

I very watched out my smile. Never let it fell from silly face of mine.

Are you being nice to them?

Of course. At least, I hope so.

What did you get from them?

Ain’t much but only an inquiry in Bahasa Indonesia, “Mau ke mana? Kok rapi banget?” And you’re about to go with an answer, “ke warung depan, beli sabun cair,” but they accidently (I think so) gently said, “Wah, kirain mau ke pesta nikahan,” it doesn’t stop until they laughed and proceed to walk.

Could you explain what you feel?

Here: :|


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