What did I learn from The Big Bang Theory?

Didapat dari hasil pencarian gambar di Google dengan kata kunci: The Big Bang Theory
Didapat dari hasil pencarian gambar di Google dengan kata kunci: The Big Bang Theory

I know this is the first time I wrote down post in English, though I have been doing it in other place. I did a lot on my hardisk (wrote some .docx for nothing lapses deleted them all then), moreover I have no interest to publish besides let it be nowhere. I am not really good at this, which is true. Look at me now, joking all by myself. For the record, I am not bothered to be corrected or whatsoever, but please kindly doing it in private (e-mail, DM, or such of) cause some say, “people hate being corrected“.

Nevertheless, I am not kind of people, so never mind.

To begin with, it was past time that I had such darkest period of my life. Been like having mentally ill, all sudden happened to be blur, misty, frankly, moistest moment was being mine at that time. It was my friend who gave me an advice–brilliant advice, “try to less think, just embrace the chaos” said he. Imaginary lightbulb ignited. All his saying broke down my over-think mind. “You bring your external hardisk?” he gently said to me, I did not really get what he was trying to do, but I tried to be “kind of people” so I let him continue his words with a nod, “go home and spend your me time with this,” ta-da, he continued. Some files just added, while some gigabyte(s) decreased with one directory and some subs. The Big Bang Theory hosted all of my majority spaced. Although I have deleted all of porn collection since before, it immovably made the indicator turned red, inform me that I ought to delete some files other. Damn.

When I came home, I still simply dinied the existence of that “file”. Dubious fulfilled my body. Did it worth to enjoy againts my time wouldn’t be wasted? Or let it be the occasion of chaos to embrace, so I can defer what my friend told me before.

First time I saw it, was like, the hell is this? I got nothing with the jokes, actors and actresses look weird, ergo I cannot not think that it is made for me.

Truth to be told, it was not taking me so long to posess an adorableness with this series, The Big Bang Theory. True, it was not talking about science like the-snob-fan-scientist would expect, it is all about friendship, love, making conversation in a different way (or I would hardly say it convergasm), etcetera.

I love Sheldon Cooper, who does not anyway? Sheldon brings the awkwardness to be fun to be enjoyed. He abhors people (which is lately I found me either) and he is awesomely superb. I want to thank Chuck Lorre for his work to make this series happened. I myself find it is okay to be weird because of this series.

So, to cut the story off, what I learned from The Big Bang Theory? Nothing. I do not learn it, I watch it, and enjoy it.



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